Mystery Blogger: Melissa Guajardo

It was turn for Mrs. Guajardo to be the mystery blogger of the day. As soon as I hit her blog, I was positive surprised about her most recent blog, where she talks about advice for TEEN MOMS. I don’t know much about Melissa , but she gives really good tips for teen first time moms. Even though I think she should add a little more like the ones I replied on her blog:

“Awesome advice!! I agree with you in all of your ideas. I would just add that if it is possible, don’t work while your baby is little, because time goes really fast, and those moments would never come back; and another advice is, take a lot of pictures and videos, never is too much, never is enough. I like pictures and videos because after a few you will be years smiling while watching and remembering those memories.”



Even when she has her own laptop, for today’s mystery blogger is not a good idea to do homework at public spaces, because she is unable to concentrate there. On my case, it happens exactly the opposite:

“Well, there is always different opinions. In my case is the opposite. When I go to home I can not concentrate, because as I have kids, and things to do at home, I just can not concentrate at home!! Instead on the school, library, or a coffee shop, I know I went there to work, and I work faster. Just saying, either option that we choose, we have to keep on going; semester almost ends! Good luck! =)”

There is always different ways to do assignments, and every student has his own preferences but no matter which ones we choose, the goal is get the work done.

Mystery blogger: Alexandra Castillo

Today’s mystery blogger has a lot of frankness. Alejandra Castillo says in her blog about  ” Reflect on your posts” that she haven’t change as a writer because she write all the blogs at once. I replied:

“I am impressed of your sincerity of saying that you do all your blogs at once; that also happens to me, because honestly I just don’t have extra time to blog every single day, but I am also learning something. Don’t quit, at least we have remained trying and we have not drop the class. Good luck!”

It is not an excuse, but with so many responsibilities sometimes write a daily blog becomes a little frustrating, but I guess it worth it.

Blog #48/49 Mystery blogger

Jenny Blund was the mystery blogger today. One of her posts that I find very interesting is the one that talks about the “Cure for EBOLA”, because she said she would not provide her blood to find the cure. I replied:

“Even when it is true that no one has the right to take your live or your blood to find a cure for Ebola, it is also true that in that circumstances, you would have to be a little bit more compassionate and care not only about you, but for the rest of the world. Just imagine that you are the ONLY ONE who has the possibility to contribute to find the cure, would not you do something? wouldn’t you defeat the fear to needles and leave a legacy behind you? In this case it wouldn’t be only about us, but for the rest of humanity.”

Well, this is just my opinion, and I am aware that if she do not want to do it, nobody can force her, but I am just trying to encourage to reflect a little more, if that scenario actually become true.

Care about your wellness

Wellness is defined by the National Wellness Institute as ” …an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence.” ,  and has six different different dimensions: OCCUPATIONAL, PHYSICAL, SOCIAL, INTELLECTUAL, SPIRITUAL AND EMOTIONAL.

If we talk a little bit about physical wellness, I will have to say that is mandatory to have frequently check ups, eat healthy, exercise regularly and avoid bad habits like smoking and using other drugs. Even when roughly my health is fine, I’m aware that I have been gaining weight in this past months. This is not an excuse but since I start college I haven’t had the time to go to the gym, most of the time I have been eating fast food and munchies and coffee, and I have not been sleeping well. I have been feeling tired, and now that my teacher talks about it, I guess I need to do something to get in shape and avoid risks of future disease like diabetes, overweight, high pressure and so on. Besides that, I think my emotional, mentally and spiritual I am in good shape.


Reflect on research paper process

I believe the best way to do  things is express ideas clear an precise. I have feeling  like we are not using our communicative skills in my research group. Since all the work time  is online, we just make comments on the document, but I think like it has been so impersonal. Let me make this clear. I stand for technology tools and take advantage of it , actually I just write about the benefits of technology , but when you have real people in front of you and you still on your computer, something is wrong. I guess I will try to improve our  communication t skills asking, comment or express my ideas in the class. It has bees an issue for me try to talk about euthanasia. Since I am against it, I don’t know how to be objective, without leaning my view. It is a little complicated, but I am working on it. If I would have the chance to improve in my past assignments, I will read more to expand my vocabulary, which actually I am already doing. I have been using a translator tool and synonyms dictionaries, bu I still can do more like reading.

Technology is essential in Education

As we all already must know, technology has became an important tool in today’s schools. It is not unexpected that professors recommend bring a laptop to class, than a pen and notebook. Technology resources has become more and more essential for students because of the flexibility and accessibility that provides. Personally, I believe technology is good, provided that is not being used improperly.In my case,has been so helpful because I can work on my assignments at any time, in any place, and is also a plus that now everything is online.

On my personal computer I don’t have a word processor program (other that Note Pad); when I bought the computer to start this semester, I though it was going to be indispensable to do homework and assignments. However, I got surprised when I learn that no more word processor programs or USB drives are needed to perform, because everything is online, and free; you can access to the same document from any computer, laptop, tablet, or even from a android telephone.

The source that I use most of the time to do research is internet, but I was not aware that my college has an online library which has a huge database that I can also use. Now that I have that information, I will take advantage of it, and not just the internet instead.

The only concern I have of technology, is how it has replaced the written textbooks. Having e-text as the support for the class, it really frustrates me. If sometimes is complicated to read a printed book, reading it online makes it more difficult. It is not the same read a book through a screen, than have it in your hands tactically and be able to mark it, m.ake annotations, highlight it.. I believe in this case, technology has to stay aside and let books still being printed books. It was not an option when I registered in the college, but if I would have the opportunity to decide, I will choose printed books always than e-text. That one is my greatest weakness

My research team

Since the first moment we knew we are going to be working together it was a good link-up. We start planning about the days and hours we can meet, the big picture of the project.

After two classes one member of the team does not return to class, but we continue planning and providing ideas. At this moment the only problem we re facing is that the time to meet together is too short, and we have not go any further with in the project. Even when we assign one team member for every task, all of us have concur in asking any concern to all the team, and resolve or address the issue  mentioning  points of view and keeping the best of each. At the end,  the decision-making process matters to all the team, because the grade for the class is involved.


Research paper basics.

For my Composition class, we are starting to work on a research paper. The theme that I choose was EUTHANASIA. The values of this topic are inform people about the pros and cons of this matter, to become more educated in this issue and be able to make a good choice when facing something relative to euthanasia. Despite there are several groups and organization that stands for or against euthanasia, the research paper is basically for the people that may be facing a difficult situation with a sick relative, or for themselves, or maybe a pet. Although I have my personal stand, in the  paper we cant expose our personal judgement. Therefore the intention of the research is only to inform, and the reader makes his own thinking, and I think for them will be much valued that tell them what to believe.

Ricardo Hurtado: Mystery Blogger

For Ricardo Hurtado reflection is one important tool he uses for all of his blogs. By reading his post, was able to see that he believes in the power of reflection, like in the following post where he talk about what he have learned : “…my Government class and my Crime In America class, not my favorite thing to do but nevertheless, it will get done.”.

I observe:”I admire your frankness saying that there is things it will be challenging for you to do to pass your classes, because most of the time we refuse to accept we have issues with something. In your case, this auto reflection about your abilities as a student will lead you to more easy way to succeed in what may be seem difficult for you. Congratulations!”.

We once blog about the power of reflection, and I think Ricardo learned a lot from that story, because it is trough reflect in our strengths and weakness that we can achieve our goals better, and ask for help in what we are not very good.